Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases (CJCVD)

Chinese Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases (CJCVD) is founded in in January 18, 2004, which is under the charge of National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, ISSN 1672-5921; CSSN: CN 11-5126/R.

CJCVD includes basic research, clinical study, development, application of new technologies and so on. on cerebrovascular diseases, which involved in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neurorehabilitation, Geriatrics, Neurointervention, Vascular ultrasound, ICU and so on. The columns of CJCVD includes editorial,clinical research articles, clinical practice, basic research articles, new techniques, subject design, epidemiological investigation, case report, specialist consensus, reviews and so on.

CJCVD has become the source journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations (Natural Science) in 2006, and became the source journal of A Guide to the Core Journals of China issued by Peking University since 2014, and was included in the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) in 2019. Besides, CJCVD was also included in the Chemical Abstracts (CA, America 2014),Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency Database (JST, Japan 2018),Abstract Journal (AJ, Russia 2014).

According to the Chinese S & T Journal Citation Reports (2019), CJCVD ranked top 2 among 32 journals of neurology and psychiatry.


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