IsCore Image Corelab
IsCore image corelab is a third-party image processing facility run by Know (Beijing) Business Development Co., Ltd. The team consists of experienced clinical experts and imaging radiologists who provide comprehensive, standardized, and standardized image management and interpretation services to clinicians and medical companies. Lab evaluators have received systematic training in clinical imaging at China's leading specialty hospitals. They have years of clinical experience as well as strong technical support in interpreting MRI, HRMRI, DSA, OCT, CFD, and VU. Reporting standardized results minimizes human factors in interpretation, contributing to scientific research and product development.
CASSISS is the first multi-center randomized controlled trial on endovascular treatment versus medical treatment for intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis in the neurointerventional community of China
CMOSS is the first multi-center randomized controlled trial on bypass surgery versus medical treatment for carotid or middle cerebral artery occlusion in China.
In 2023, CRC team initiated and led three large clinical RCTs that look to provide answers to key clinical decisions

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